The Hilarious Comedy about Relationships, Love & Marriage!


By Annabelle Gurwitch and Jeff Kahn

Starring Robin Abramson and Gregory Johnstone



About the Show



Its Annabelle & Jeff's real life love story, zany, hectic and uproariously funny. Whether you have been married for ever or just contemplating a new romance, you will laugh at the hilarious and often moving romantic rollercoaster ride toward Happily Ever After!


After 15+ years of marriage, TV personalities and real-life-married-couple Annabelle Gurwitch (Dinner and a Movie, Fired!) and Jeff Kahn (The Ben Stiller Show, Forty Year Old Virgin) have staged their hilarious and often moving memoir, You Say Tomato, I Say Shut Up!


This uproariously funny story is sure to strike both laughter and terror into the hearts of any couple (not to mention every single man or woman who is contemplating the connubial state).


The book was developed through sold-out performances at The Comedy Central Theater and at Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles and made its New York premiere at The New York Comedy Festival 2009.







Critics are raving:


You Say Tomato, I Say Shut Up! "strikes directly to the funny bone" by offering a hilarious glimpse into a relationship that seems doomed by opposing personalities from the start. Gurwitch and Kahn's delightfully crazy lifestyle manages to keep their relationship intact, up-ending every idea you ever had about living 'happily ever after'

- Charlotte Observer


Gurwitch and Kahn are the "Lucy and Desi of the Apatow Age!"

- Marie Claire Magazine


"Tomato Delivers by the Pound!"

- Des Moines Register


"Extremely Funny! The 80 minute play flies by and in the end neither He nor She win… the winner is the audience!"

- Buffalo News


"A quirky true-to-life comedy and a candid look at the inside of a marriage. Jeff and Annabelle find humor in the truth about themselves, their parenting skills, and what it really takes to survive marriage and cross the finish line with a wine glass in one hand and your sanity in the other"

- Arts a la Mode


"So Funny because it is so Accurate!"

- Actor/Director Ben Stiller


A "Laugh Out Loud!" Comedy

- People Magazine


"Hilarious "

- Judd Apatow