The Hilarious Comedy about Relationships, Love & Marriage!


By Annabelle Gurwitch and Jeff Kahn

Starring Robin Abramson and Gregory Johnstone




National Press Contact: Dana Matthow



"'Shut Up' never does, and that's a GOOD thing!"

- Charlotte Observer


"The 80 minute play flies by…in the end, neither Kahn nor Gurwitch wins. The winner is the audience!"

- Buffalo News


"Strikes directly to the funny bone…After 80 intermissionless minutes, you really know Kahn and Gurwitch, more to the point, you'd want to know them!"

- Lawrence Toppman, Charlotte Observer


"A quirky true-to-life comedy and a candid look at the inside of a marriage. Jeff and Annabelle find humor in the truth about themselves, their parenting skills, and what it really takes to survive marriage and cross the finish line with a wine glass in one hand and your sanity in the other."

- Arts a la Mode


"Bold…humorous and completely refreshing!"

- WomanAroundTown


"Raw and comical. Will have you laughing out loud"

- ReviewFix


"Laugh Out Loud!"

- People Magazine


"Finally, a married couple that doesn't hide behind such tedious traits as personal loyalty, good taste, and an overall sense of decorum!"

- Liz Tuccillo- co-author, He's Just Not That Into You


"Like love letters with more laffs!"

- Media Bistro


"Annabelle Gurwitch and Jeff Kahn are the Lucy and Desi of the Apatow age"

- Lauren Lonnatti, Marie Claire Magazine


"Strong couples, who are able to laugh at themselves, can make it through almost anything."






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